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Just Keep Dancing

by Susan Brauer

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Susan's story is an odyssey of abuse and triumph, where learned tools of survival prove to be guideposts to all who are looking for a way to find the courage and strength needed to move forward during difficult times in their lives.

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Beautiful! God, Virginia was beautiful in the spring! It seemed like every plant, bush, or tree that was planted here had one necessary requirement, and that was it had to blossom in the spring. I could just picture what the trees and bushes looked like back in Chicago. It was early March, and I'd bet that at home, the winter wind and some frosty flakes of snow whirled around gray dead looking branches. But here, here it was like a fairyland of colorful blossoms and sixty-degree days. Light pink, white, fuchsia, yellow, and bright red flowers covered the branches of the trees and filled the world with a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors, the view of which was striking against the crystal blue sky. And the only snow, like pieces of flotsam and jetsam that filled the air, were the tiny soft petals of blossoms that lazily drifted down from the trees, slowly swirling on the warm southerly spring breeze and settling in soft multicolored velvet drifts, like pillows that muted the harsh lines of the outside world and lent a fairyland appearance to reality. 

The sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms was overpowering as I walked down the street .....


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