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Just Keep Dancing

by Susan Brauer

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Susan's story is an odyssey of abuse and triumph, where learned tools of survival prove to be guideposts to all who are looking for a way to find the courage and strength needed to move forward during difficult times in their lives.

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 Just Keep Dancing

He stood in the archway of the dining room about four feet away from me, swaying back and forth like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz...

Jake had gone away to wherever he was at times like these and the mindless demon was in his place...

My complete attention was on the gun, watching it like a snake charmer while the barrel swayed and bobbed...

He was holding the gun a little out in front of him at his waist, just the right height to line up perfectly with a two or three-year-old child’s head. Somehow he seemed oblivious to the fact that the boys were between the gun and the target of his uncontrolled rage...

I knew that whatever I was going to say or do in the next few seconds to save my children's lives had to be controlled and deliberate.


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