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S. Putzler Glass Creations 1877 Putzler Glass Factory, 1877Putzler Glass Factory
Featuring Susan (Putzler) Brauer's imaginative fused glass creations for you and your home.
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About S.Putzler Glass

Since childhood I have loved the feel and look of glass and how its smooth and reflective texture playfully twists, bouncing back light to the eye with overwhelming breathtaking beauty.

My belief is that a mystical bond with glass is in my DNA and it can be traced back to Ferdinand Putzler my great grandfather, one of seven brothers and a “glass maker”. The “Putzler Brothers Glass Factory" was located in Silesia Provence in middle Europe for over 60 years, and ultimately moved to Duren, Germany after World War II where it became “Peill & Putzler”. The collaboration between the two partners led to historic glass art works that are conserved in several museum collections, which include the Corning Museum of Glass and the New York Museum of Modern Art.

And now it's with great pleasure and fulfillment that I carry on my family's legacy of glass creation. The purpose of my work is beauty for beauty’s sake, as pure and simple as that. My bliss exists in the words “… how beautiful!”

And so the glass flows... And the beat goes on...

HOME -  About -  Fused Glass Jewelry -  Fused Glass for Home

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