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Hello, welcome to Her Paradigm Shift. My name is Susan Brauer and I’m very happy that you’ve found my blog. I would like to tell you a little about myself and what you can expect to find here now and in the future.

Susan Brauer c/o Dreamers Tapestry, Inc.At present, I’m the former Dean of Academic Affairs at DeVry University, Chicago,  a Masters Degree Electrical Engineer, a glass artist, author, owner and president of the publishing company, Dreamers Tapestry and very actively working to empower women to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.

This, however, has not always been the case.  As a thirty-three year old mother of six with a high school diploma, it became apparent to me that without someone else’s support, my family could not survive. This somber realization spurred me on to begin classes at the local community junior college with the full intent of learning how to type, never dreaming that the unknown odyssey that was being embarked upon would lead me in a direction that changed my life and my entire family’s lives forever. With the decision to go back to school as a "returning woman" I was forced to face feelings of self-doubt and the fear of failure head on. The prize won from this inner battle was the knowledge that one is never too old to learn, and continuing education is a path to independence and self-respect.

This non-typical life path led me to where I am today, and it’s because of my journey from homemaker to Electrical Engineer and university dean that I have become passionate about sharing my experiences with other women for the purpose of enlightening, motivating, and encouraging them to pursue their own personal dreams. And it is for this purpose that I have taken the opportunity whenever it has been possible, to speak to women of all ages and backgrounds, hoping to slip nuggets of knowledge in their pockets, to be used in the present, or to be rediscovered when needed in their future.

In this age of plant closures, downsizing and lay-offs the need for self improvement and self investment is more important than ever. My presentations and workshops encourage participants to take charge and direct the changes in their lives, empowering them to redefine themselves in their own eyes, as well as in the eyes of others.

Additionally, I have published my first book, Just Keep Dancing. Having been among the 2.5 million American women per year that are abused, I provide for the reader a look into the tapestry of my life and turbulent 20 year relationship and marriage to my childhood sweetheart, recounting how that relationship turned abusive and then ultimately violent and dangerous. Then in detailing the event that forced me to make a major life change and the story of how this self awakening brought control, hope and success into my life leaves the reader with the powerful message that it truly is never too late to live happily ever after.


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