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In her inspiring and timely presentation “CHANGES”, Susan focuses on many issues that the American worker faces today, including the limits they unknowingly place on themselves that effect their personal and career choices.

Susan's “CHANGES” presentation encourages women to open their minds to new opportunities concerning their future, and to learn how to follow their dreams. The society that shapes us more often than not requires women to work in order to support their families. Non-traditional careers such as engineering are open to us but are rarely chosen. Those careers can be a pathway to independence and self-respect, but first we must be able to conceive of them as a possibility for ourselves and our future.

The motivational  presentation, “CHANGES” , outlines Susan's "story". It highlights the experiences and difficulties encountered by her, after returning to school at the age of thirty-three with a husband, six young children, a high school education, and the goal "to learn how to type." Susan shares with the audience the step by step process that enabled and empowered her to succeed in changing her career goal from secretary to Engineer, and ultimately University Dean realizing her full potential, and  dramatically and positively changing her life, and the lives of those around her, forever.

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"My hope is to give as many women as I can, a small nugget of knowledge to slip in their pockets for now and for later, to help them follow their dreams."
"People do not fully realize the impact that they can truly have on another human being through their words or actions"
 - Susan Brauer

"My purpose is to empower women to believe in themselves, and to follow their dreams."

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