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Susan was interviewed by Jim Fitzpatrick during his drive time radio program on WJBC Radio, "The Voice of Central Illinois" found on AM 1230, FM 93.7, and live stream broadcast at

Discussing the importance of calling attention to domestic violence and the fact that “We Just Don't Talk About It”, Jim Fitzpatrick asked Susan about her autobiography, Just Keep Dancing. They spoke about her marriage that turned abusive and ultimately violent and dangerous, and then the pivotal event that changed everything in her life.

Susan then explained that when one starts to make positive changes in their life, “it truly is never too late to live happily ever after”.

Listen to the WJBC interview click..... (HERE)


Susan was interviewed on the “Community with Marie Lazzara” where Marie interviews people from the business and nonprofit sectors as well as others who involve themselves in unique contributions to their communities.

Listen to the “Community with Marie Lazzara” interview click..... (HERE)

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