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Networking for Women

So you want to get into the Networking scene… Or do you? Networking is a skill that is an essential component of success in today’s business environment. Networking feels unnatural Susan Braueralmost alien to many women who have been introduced to it while attending their first typical networking event. The atmosphere of attendees using each other in a purely self-seeking way, often times curls our hair and puts us off, causing many women to shy away from the use of a tool which will lead to connections and opportunities that can dramatically change their lives. Women’s networking events have a totally different feel during which an atmosphere of support and mentorship is typical.

There are many women’s networking groups that regularly meet in your area. Do a Google search and find groups that are associated with your community, profession, or passion, and signup for the next event. Following are some tips that will make your first time easier
Business Cards

  • If you don’t have a business card, make one. It’s not difficult to do on your computer using prepackaged cards from an office supply store. Make sure that your business cards have a description of your profession or the service that you will provide; just a name looks naked.
  • Bring an abundance of cards so that you don’t run out!
  • On the back of every card that you receive write the date, organization sponsoring the event, and a defining attribute so you can remember the person for any future communication.

Once You’ve Arrived

  • Relax. Remember that you are all at the event to network.
  • Choose someone and introduce yourself. If talking groups have already formed, choose one and join in the conversation.
  • Always extend a solid “open” handshake. People tend to mistrust those who offer partially opened hands or what I call the “Hand Puppet Shake”.
  • Know your 15 sec elevator speech that describes you in a nutshell, and know your want/ask. Progressive networking dinners expect that you will use the allotted two minutes per person to introduce yourself and tell all sitting at the table what you would like them to do for you. When delivering your info, talk with a smile, and look directly into each person’s eyes.
  • At an informal networking event, don’t try to cover every person in the room. Go with the natural flow and open yourself up to the “Flow” of opportunity. Network with the attitude that what is meant to be will be.
  • Don’t try to schmooze people. Be honest, straight-forward, and sincere.
  • Be genuine about trying to help another woman find her road to her want. Networking is NOT all about you, and it works better when you keep the other person in mind.
  • Learn to listen to the other person. Cultivate an interest in the other person’s needs and genuinely ask yourself if you can help her with what she is asking, in any way. Networking works best when you give more than you expect to receive.
And last but not least, remember that we set up the future by “molding it” with visualization. The more input from women doing many diverse extraordinary things the more options to visualize a path for ourselves. Networking is like positive self-reinforcement and affirmation for your dreams. Not believing is our enemy because we are who we conceive and believe we are, and will be.

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