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Category: "Empowerment"
by Susan Brauer
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  • Stop the Violence - The following statistics may shock you. I know that on first hearing about the 2012 study conducted by RTI International and Blue Shield of California Foundation on 1,430 7th grade students, I was shocked. Being a survivor of dating and domestic violence myself, I knew just how serious the problem was for women. I knew […]

  • Misbehaving Women - The quote “Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History” has always fascinated me. The author of this unique interpretation of what is necessary for a woman’s success is Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Her life’s work of recovering the history of women, who had not been properly included in the history books despite their astounding contributions, was unknown […]

  • Union - Glancing up at my house as I turned from the mailbox and began to walk across the road on an incredible summer day, the “Proud Union Home” sign in the window caught my eye. The bumper sticker “Unions: The Folks That Brought You The Weekend” popped into my head, and I smiled. My mom’s dad […]

  • Love Thy Neighbor - “… After all, the purpose of running a business is to make money!” The fragmented sentence spewed out of the radio at me as I was hurrying through the kitchen on my way to do something that was so important that I can’t remember it right now. Hearing this […]

  • Silent Spring - “You’ll never guess what I just saw… a bald eagle swooping down and flying close to the water. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful!” My youngest son, Joseph, had called his mom and dad to share the moment with him. This was the first time that he had seen one and […]

  • The Greatest Fear: Step #5 – Face Your Fear - Looking like the professional that you are (Step #4), and armed with slides that you know like the back of your hand, you are ready to deliver an effective presentation. The following tips will enable you to Face Your Fear of public speaking and successfully engage your audience.[…]

  • The Greatest Fear: Step #4 – Project Your Image - It’s imperative that you give serious thought to the personal image that you project when you stand in front of an audience (even an audience of one). Before you speak a word, your spectators are unconsciously keying in and forming opinions on who they think you are. Don’t detract from all the great work you […]

  • The Greatest Fear: Step #3 – Practice Your Message - “Practice DOES make perfect!” — By practicing your presentation, you don’t have to waste energy on worrying over things that may be forgotten.  Follow the tips, be confident and RELAX. Tip #1 – Review your slides After the slides have been finished (Step #2) review them once again for continuity. Make sure that their progression […]

  • The Greatest Fear: Step #2 – Prepare Your Material - Proper preparation is the best push forward that you can give yourself in your career. Now that you have your outline and the points that you would like to include in your presentation (Step #1), you can prepare your slides using the following tips. Tip 1: Know Your Tools “Know your software tool and your […]

  • The Greatest Fear: Step #1 – Organize Your Data - Welcome to the first step of my five step plan for cultivating effective presentation/communication skills. Admittedly this is the least “sexy” of the five steps and some of you may think what follows is intuitive to everyone, but in my experience it’s not. Creating an outline for a presentation can seem like a formidable task […]

  • The Greatest Fear - “What is your greatest fear?” Since the 70’s several prominent surveys have asked thousands of Americans just that, and over 40% of them have consistently answered “the fear of public speaking”. And surprisingly, the prospect of standing in front of an audience had been considered by most of those polled to be more frightening than […]

  • Networking for Women - So you want to get into the Networking scene… Or do you? Networking is a skill that is an essential component of success in today’s business environment. Networking feels unnatural almost alien, to many women who have been introduced to it while attending their first typical networking event. The atmosphere […]

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