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The Greatest Fear: Step #4 – Project Your Image

It’s imperative that you give serious thought to the personal image that you project when you stand in front of an audience (even an audience of one). Before you speak a word, your spectators are unconsciously keying in and forming opinions on who they think you are. Don’t detract from all the great work you put into Step #3. Remember: first impressions last.

Tip #1 – Choose who you want them to see
Susan BrauerWhen giving a presentation (or dressing for a business environment), my preference has always been to wear a nice pair of slacks, a matching blazer and a pair of closed toe, low-heel shoes. The speaker is seen through a societal filter and her choice of dress reinforces society’s mores. Make sure to choose clothes that enhance, not detract, from your image as an intelligent and powerful authority on the subject of your talk. Low necklines, short skirts and lots of leg keep the audience’s mind off the informational/business points that you are presenting.

Tip #2 – Dress for power not success
Success has to be quantified; power is understood. There are several subtleties in dress that subliminally identify the wearer as powerful. Following are a few examples:

Your suit jacket, blazer, blouse or shirt should always have a collar.
A rounded neckline doesn’t give a message of strength. Adding a tasteful necklace or scarf can have the same impact as a collar.
Roll your sleeves up on your jacket or shirt if you want to imply to the audience that you are ready to get to work or down to business. (Note: this technique is used by the President when he gets ready to answer questions at a “Town Hall” event.)
Get a good haircut. And if your hair is long, pull it back from your face and neatly pin it up if possible.
Never wear short-sleeve dresses or blouses. Showing too much skin diminishes the image of professionalism that you wish to communicate.
And take advantage of colors that flatter you. When going to buy a blouse/shirt stand in front of a mirror and place different colored garments under your chin. The colors that light up your face and make you look healthy and vibrant should be your color choices for your wardrobe going forward.

Tip #3 – To “Bling” or not to “Bling”
Avoid anything that detracts from your message by distracting the audience. You want people attending to be absorbed in the step by step progress of your talk that brings them along to your final conclusion and earns you their respect and trust as an authority on the subject matter.

Learn the art of flattering understatement when it comes to your business/presentation wardrobe. No lengthy, wildly painted and decorated nails, please! No long dangling earrings loaded with shining baubles that sparkle in the fluorescent office light and mesmerize your audience into a half-comatose state. No large lumpy necklaces or loudly clinking charm bracelets that weigh your professional image down. No flamboyantly ruffled blouses or loudly clicking high-heels that distract the audience with every move you make. Even your makeup should be subtle and present a flatteringly fresh and natural look.

Susan Brauer

I’m not saying “Don’t be feminine.” I’m saying that at work, in business, and before the public strive to establish yourself as a respected authority in your field. In my business/corporate life I’ve always viewed myself as a talented and accomplished professional who happened to be a woman. And I continually strive to present that image in all my endeavors.

Now off to Step #5 – Face your Fears


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